And That Is All I Long For.

I dont need the big fancy house and the car, the lavish job. All i really ever wanted was that happy family. i know people argue. but i wanted that loving family. i wanted a husband and at least two kids. i have been married for 4 years now, still no kids and it is killing me. i just turned 30. i am so sad about all of this. and the way we are going it doesnt seem as if things will change.

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thank you red for the advice and i know you are partially right but i think the biggest problem is him. he is not trying and the last i looked i am not the virgin mary. i need him to make it happen for me.

If you want kids bad enough then the thing is you can't be so stressed out about it hon. It won't help feeling the sense if urgency, let nature take its course it will happen. Its a huge mirricle to conseive for anyone. If you find that you aren't pregnant within 6-8 months, then perhaps seeing a specialist might be the key, maybe they can help in some way.

and you see how ****** up Job was. sigh!

goldie, you have the patience of job :)

He doesnt realize **** girl. he is one of those hard of hearing, hard of comprehending individuals. his life if ****** but yet he still thinks he knows it all. even beyond the whole baby thing he doesnt listen or believe what his mind didnt already tell him, so me trying to convince him of some **** he doenst want to hear is pointless. realistically we arent financially where we need to be for kids, but i always figured the neccesity to do good with kids would propel us forward, because people say you never are truly ready anyways. it just kills me that we havent had an accident. i feel if sex was at least good we would have an accident and have to chose to have a kid or not. that is not even one of our scenarios. the whole thing just really makes me feel like ****.

i know what you mean. it seems like people that aren't as worthy got the hands that should have been dealt to those like you and me. burns me up. doesn't your hubby realize that your reproductive years are much shorter than a mans? they can make babies into their 70's and beyond while women don't have that luxury.

girl. i just dont get the cards. you know they love to say things dont happen for some because maybe its not the right time or they cant handle it. but i see so many ****** up people with kids, no job, no spouse, not even a caring bone in their body and i say how the hell are they more equipped then me. how the hell was it in thier cards to be parents and not mine. i just dont get that and i never will. Now my husband is talking about we should have kids around 35 or 36. I never wanted to wait that long, and God forbid my eggs dont work then, Sigh!

i can understand how you feel. i wouldn't have minded being married and having had a child or two myself but i guess it wasn't in the cards for me.

He knows i want a baby. he has two from before we got together so he is in no rush for more and he is not even working. he says he wants to get his life together first. but i am thirty now. i dont want it to be too late when he does decide he is ready. its heart breaking

Tell him that you wanna have a baby?? go to the doctor to see why you haven't gotten pregnant, if it is that you've tried?