Think Again.

there are very few people in this world that i feel i have to explain myself to and people on the net, for the most part, are at the bottom of the list. i'm an adult, i pay my own bills and take care of myself with little or no help from anyone else. now, if anyone wants to help me care for myself, then maybe i would feel an obligation to offer explainations but until then, it's not happening. people can think what they want, believe what they want because i see no need to clear up anything that they might be confused or wonder about. sounds like a personal problem to me, i can't help you.
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4 Responses Jul 25, 2010

thank you ,destiney. i'm definitley not without flaws but i don't think i'm the worst person out here by far.

i'm in complete agreement CG20 :)

lots of times people still believe what they want despite you telling them otherwise so i think you're right in not even bothering with it. it would be a waste of time to give it any energy and you don't owe anyone here anything. especially someone who isn't a friend by any means.

hey fukkboii, whats up? a friendship would be one thing, but i wrote this in mind with people that are definitely not friends. i don't view you as a friend, then i'm surely not under any obligation. 2 more months, then dexter is back on. i can't wait!