I Don't

Just cause i don't like someone doesnt mean i treat them bad, but i do not like everyone. There are traits i do not like, and agree with me or not it makes no difference for me and it shouldn't make a difference for you too.

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I don't want to be labeled as mature or respectful. I can do things immature and disrespectful too, but im not going out of my way or even trying to be mature and respectful i am just simply being me. <br />
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I do not like drama so i am not going to cause it unless i feel the reason for it is good enough to endure it. If you go around killing people then you better expect people to go around trying to kill you. I am just smart enough to see that.

An honest AND kind person! I like you! And I love your avatar.

I had a friend who was wiccan. i don't know much about it, but i don't believe in stuff like magic and spells. Either way what others believe doesn't bother me. I don't like weak people.

I don't like people that feel they have to put me down because I am different. I love the Dark Goddess but I never try to "convert" others. You like the Dark Goddess or you don't. <br />
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I am aware that many Christians call me evil and crap like that because I am Wiccan. <br />
Or insane because I have visions. As long as they don't burn me at the stake I should feel lucky...DD

You don't have to thank me for something like that.

Everyone has things they like or dislike. I don't go out of my way to cause harm to the ones i don't like.

I agree - perfectly said. This is true in all siutations.