I Don't Have to Like Everyone

I feel also, i don't have to like everyone, because; maybe not everyone likes me.  :-(

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4 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Awwwwwwww! Lena! :D how can i match your words my gorgeous, beautiful! darling friendly :D I thank you so much! for your feedback and your lovely amazing comment! :D I thank you! :D :D <>

EbonyLady :D i thank you so much! for your words, :D Do you know? you have made me feel a whole lot better! :D Ha!ha!ha! "happy pills" lmao! lol hmmmmmm! more than likely my darling, gorgeous! :D <br />
May i thank you very much for your feedback and for commenting! :D :D <>

I've yet to meet someone who genuinely likes everybody. If they do, something must be wrong. Happy pills maybe, lol?

I know!!! but sadly it's true!!! there are not many i can truthfully say i dislike!!! but there, maybe they "dislike me" i don't know!!!