I think it is just right for me and I am writing stories for them every day. At least it gives me a goal. That is to have a story for all my experiences.

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I don't dry with a towel. I prefer to air dry in front of the fan in warm weather and the heater in the cold. I use towels on my hair and to use to dry my feet as I step out of the shower though. Thanks for the offer though. I will be back soon. I am finishing up a love post for my guy.

Just out of the showers all wet!Oh I will love to smell you and dry you with that towel with my light hands.

LOL I am Eping nude at the moment. I just got out of the shower. LOL <br />
<br />
Thanks ladies. I love you both.

I thought I was the only one who did that lala!! lol - keep up the good work fungirl - we all love a bit of attention now and again - only of the right and proper sort of course - haha

Psh, aren't we all attention ******? I ep topless I want that much attention..hahaha, man if only it was warm enough to do that...

LMAO that is too funny. I am an attention wh*re too and I love it here for that reason but I stay for my friends like you and so many others that I respect and love.

What makes me giggle, is that the founder of the group always slated you for having so many. Write away my love, at least you have something interesting to say x