Never Have

I've never really had that many friends. Maybe two close friends. Thats it. All others are simply aquantinces... and they turn out to not like me, anyway.... but I'm happy with the few friends I have... and its cheaper when we hang out! =]
PoeticRejection PoeticRejection
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Wow hats off to you... Congratulations you've really shown great maturity the way you've been handling things and yeah we should always accept the move which benefits our life and shows great promise in the future.<br />
May she rest in Peace...

Thank you, very much. This is a very nice comment. Definitely made me smile. I never really look at myself and the way I've handled things and really actually think about it (if that makes any sense). And especially thanks for the last part of your comment here. I'm sure she's thanking you, too...

Well, the closest friend I had when I wrote this story was my best friend Shanna... more like a sister than a friend. And she died in the car accident that almost killed me, too. But I do still have a few close friends. And I have gained other fairly close friends since I've grown and started college. As life moves on, we meet new people. Its up to us whether we accept the move or not.

Yeahh totaally .... I also have two close friends and other acquaintances but I can't really stand them..I dunno theyy look so fake and other stuff anyway I'll be your first cool acquaintance :D:P

lol well if you wanna be my friend then you can

Yes, me too.

Me too...and I agree with you Lizisha

hey there poetic rejection!!!<br />
sometimes...<br />
its not quantity....<br />
but its quality...<br />
<br />
even i as a loud person i only have very few real friends...<br />
<br />
but of course many acquaintances...<br />
<br />
so don worry,<br />
just be nice and kind to all those acquaintances of yours...<br />
as long as they respect u thats all we need at the bottom of the day....