Who Are Your True Friends?

Since the begening of high school I have had 3 best friends. 2 of them, sisters, after 7 years of friendship stabbed me in the back and we are no longer friends. As for the 3rd friend, she is still my friend but since she got married I have become absolutly last on her list of priorities. So I joined the Experience Project in hopes of maybe meeting some new friends.

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3 Responses Aug 8, 2007

Awwww....it sounds like you've already made some friends here!

Honey, that's what brought me to ep, a friend who stabbed be in the back after 17 years and who doesn't bother with me since she is married. I felt like a loser, but I met some wonderful people on ep and I'm beginning to learn things about myself and who your real friends are. I'm here if you want to talk.

Here at EP you can practice friendly situations. As you type out your cares and responses, you will learn about yourself and the best ways to share and encourage others. You can also learn to ask for care and help. <br />
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Friendship comes along better with contact and care. <br />
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Good luck, <br />
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