A Waste of Time

Obviously we've all held a grudge or two at some point in our life. And sometimes it's necessary. But for the most part, i think holding grudges is both selfish and perhaps a little ignorant, ignorant of the real priorities in life - which aren't to get caught up in silly things which can be potentially detrimental to important relationships.

I'm quite an angry person myself - to be perfectly honest. I have a very short temper and i'm extremely impetuous. So i blow up over silly things all the time - but i'm glad i've learnt how to let go of grudges. They never do any good, they only make you more bitter with time. I like to get over things and get back to the godd stuff.

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

I could cure that angry side of you in five minutes every time it happened. I would frighten you with my ****!!! Ha! Ha! That would keep you quiet. I only said that to make myself laugh coz I only decided to be rude at the last minute and to be honest it took me by surprise when I seen my fingers type it out. I hope you was surprised in a nice way. But please dont encourage me or your doorstep tomorrow will be flooded with pictures of .........No I have gone too far!!! Was I being impetuous then? Its a new word for me and if I am to adopt it then its best if I am it or not.Better go babe I almost made sense then. No sleep for two nights. Amphetimine is such a great friend but tireless.Lookin out for your bad tempered comments..............You can call me Joe if it feels good.