I'm Not A Habitual Howler...


I have, on occasion, howled at the full moon at times in the past, but always with a group. 

I've never howled at the full moon when I was alone though, that would just be crazy... 

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4 Responses Feb 14, 2010

I don't think so either. but if I said what I thought about it I would sound sooo corny! LOL

I like to watch the moon, and look at moon shadows, and try to look for a flag up there, but, I don't howl at it, maybe I have a time or two though, I probably did, on some wild nights with friends in my youth. Should we howl at the moon? Wolves coyotes, hyenas, foxes, and dogs howl and yip even on moonless nights, so I don't think it is the moon they are howling at.

Actually, of all the people I know, she's the one who never thinks I'm crazy ;)

Aww come on! Can't be too crazy if there's no one else around to call you crazy.... except maybe Leisa. heheh