Exercising My Choice Not To Groan On Other People's Parades

I have, on occasion, responded to a member's story with a comment that questions their point of view.  I may have done this out of curiosity, to gain clarity if I didn't understand their original point, or perhaps to even challenge their view a little.  It's my personal opinion, however, that everyone is entitled to their view and to write what they want here (within reason, of course).  I have occaionally had members try to lambaste some of my work.  I have blocked a few members whose views so contradicted my own, or the sum of their categories leaned in directions I wasn't interested.  Not because I'm closed-minded, but because that's how I want to share my experience here.  My perception of EP (and it is only my opinion) is that this is a place to my stories, and to find people who share and discuss some of the same views and values.  It's nice to know you're not the only one in the world who feels a certain way about something, after all.  There was a time when I eagerly engaged people's opinions and challenged their views.  For me, EP is not a channel for doing this. 

I do my best -- most of the time -- to present myself as a balanced, sensible guy.  Which isn't to say I'm unbiased.  Of course I'm biased!  Every one of my stories has a bias, a point of view and perspective.  It's only my experience or view, after all.  Take it or leave it.  By and large, I've only had positive feedback.  But even when I don't, it isn't like I fly off the handle.  I'm a big boy, and I respect anyone's right to disagree with me, even if I may not agree with what they say.  At the very worst, if someone leaves a truly offensive comment, I have the option of deleting it, don't I? 

So, the long and short of my entry is that I do not join groups simply to voice my opposition to its view.  It isn't my forte, and it's my right to not have to do so -- if that makes sense.  I haven't read most of the other entries here, but many of the titles pretty much jive with my views:  why bother, why waste my time, why not do something I enjoy more?  In closing, thank-you for reading my entry, even if you don't agree with it.

UnderEli UnderEli
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1 Response May 3, 2010

some subject and experinces are screaming to be told what a crock. I don't do it often...usually unless the group involves racism or ripping apart Israel. Then I am going to speak too.