I Am Not a Troll!

I don't see any point in joining a group I don't agree with and posting on it. It pretty much like a priest showing up in a bar and shouting that drinking is a sin. No one is going to stop drinking, the bar isn't going to shut down, and all you do is annoy the crap out of everyone. XD

I also don't post on stories that I don't agree with! Unless the stories belong to my friends and I feel like they wouldn't mind me saying something opposite. But even so, I don't make a habit of this either.

Live and let live! ;-)

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7 Responses Nov 18, 2008

Your post example from someone in a Zep group is a little more open minded than I was thinking. Having bought an album, they seem more open to possibly liking them if shown the way. I was thinking of someone who comes in and says something like "I hate Zeppelin. Their music is crap. I don't understand how anyone could enjoy listening to them. Awful." That person has obviously heard their music and made a decision that they just don't like them at all.<br><br>I'm not against people having opinions like that, I just don't see what it accomplishes to go into a group which loves the music/show/movie you hate and argue with them about it. It's not the same as arguing politics or viewpoints which affect more than just the people in the group. I personally really, really dislike rap but I'm not going to go into a group which loves it and say it's crap. Accomplishes nothing. I'm not going to make someone go "I've been listening to rap for years but... you're right, it really IS crap. I need to reevaluate." and no one is going to make me like rap. Pointless. Those people have a right to their own tastes and those tastes affect no one but themselves.<br><br>That's what I was really getting at with my Zep example.

This is me posting a comment on a story I disagree with - please don't castrate me for it. <br />
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Are you talking about actual abuse, or literally just commenting on a story/group you disagree with? The first one, fair enough, but I really disagree with the second. If no-one ever challenged the viewpoints of people who held different ones, we would never learn anything. To take the Nazi example, maybe posting a story asking why they hold the views they do would either (a) make them question it themselves, or (b) help you understand them better so you can at least have a productive discussion. As for the Led Zeppelin example, what if someone posts "Meh, I bought IV, I don't see what the fuss is about - sounds a bit crap to me"; Anyone who sees past the confrontational tone can just post a Youtube link to Kashmir, and 8 and a half minutes later there'll be one more Led Zep fan in the world...

I just experienced that today for the first time...I'm a southern girl so the first time I "kill em with kindness" but if he persists, I'm going going to turn that rooster into a hen! {efg}

I'm not sure your analogy was understood, Rob...<br />
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Oh well. I understood and agree with you. So long as people aren't, say, arguing with people in a Led Zeppelin group just because they don't like the music or something similar. That's just idiotic.<br />
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(and Led Zeppelin rules)

Some people just get a thrill out of being ********. It sounds quite rude but it's true.

RH that is so right! I never could understand why people do this .. just to start a fight I guess.

This is like saying don't attend a Nazi rally unless you want to exterminate the Jews. At the end of the day you're just preaching to the converted.<br />
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I'll get me coat...