I've Seen People Do This...

And i think it's the lamest thing ever. There's no need to put your 2 cents into an experience if you don't agree with it. We all love to discuss opinions and ideas, but there is a line, that doesn't need to be crossed. For example... if there's a group called 'i love ****' and you hate ****, then make an 'i hate ****' group, rather than proclaiming your negative views where they're not wanted.

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6 Responses Mar 19, 2009

No... I don't think I said that.<br />
<br />
Read the name of the group.

So you think people disagreeing with you is "the lamest thing ever?"


haha... joke. :)

this group is stupid

Hear, hear!<br />
<br />
After all, we're free to express our own opinion - go ahead and create your own group. But nobody has the right to attack other people just because of differences.