Many people feel they lack the intelligence to find the higher way, but this is merely a misunderstanding. Intelligence has nothing to do with college degrees or public fame or even the reading of many books. Authentic intelligence is the willingness to exchange fancy for fact, to exchange imaginary self-pictures for healthy self-insight.
Think of intelligence as being an individual wish for rightness, after which you need never give it another thought.

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thanks for the reminder...

I don't judge anyone unless they give me a reason to.This is put very acceptable,just be yourself.Their loss can't please everyone

i'm a fireman and i don't go to church,church is all around us.get my drift ?said very well

Right on!!! bottom part really hits a home run..

This is a great post. I really like it. Very true. Also whatever your need your can find within yourself. Then combine that intelligence with your experience of it and you get real wisdom.