Often when I pick up a book, I barely glance the cover before I am onto the first page trying to decide whether it takes my interest. I read a few pages, get a feel for it, see if the spark is there before I commit to delving into the entire thing and reading to the end.
I am the same with people. I like to know what's behind the cover- what do the pages of their story say?
People fascinate me and I am never satisfied with a passing glance at the cover. I want to know the whole person- the raw, unedited, true person- not a facade that hides the most amazing content.
You don't buy a book to leave it unopened, unread. A book is made to be read. Cover to cover. To be understood and enjoyed.
People are the same. You have to read the full person, cover to cover, inside and out to get a true measure of who they are. Even if the cover isn't what usually draws your eye, the most fascinating stories lie beneath the most unremarkable covers.
Judging people on appearances alone will leave you sadly lacking that connection that drives the human experience.
Never cracking the cover and just staring at the book is unfulfilling, and it will just end up gathering dust on the shelf with all the other books that appeared interesting on the outside.
Get reading, you never know what you might find if you are willing to give the first few pages a try. :)
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4 Responses Feb 9, 2015

I suggest reading challenging nonfiction.

Better yet, try reading a few pages in the middle of the book. Let the plot thicken. Let the story intensify.

So very true.

" You never know what you might find " , so true.