I give it at least three chapters within the expected time frame of my thirst for all things of interest. Then, if it does not capture my mind and place it upon the fine lines inserted between and nestled within its written words, then I will judge it.
I do however place my own opinionated smartassities within the library of the collection of things covered with dust in my own mind. Let the next man judge for himself without my useless bibble. He may be a dullard and find just enough to sustain.

:)) I'm full of **** sometimes also.
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I loved reading this!! "smartassities, dullards and bibble" will keep me happily sustained with giggles for most of the day!! You are full of the very BEST kind of ****!!

LMAO, Im so very glad you know my dictionary Sierra... i love making new words.

, YOU are my favorite kind ****!!!

Awwwww.......fanks pretty one!!!

Well I hope that you are able to find that cover that has plenty of interest to turn the pages until the end.

I've got to make note of the two new words, smartassities, and dullard. You better get a Copy Write on them, quickly.

'I have a whole dictionary of new words. Its actually quite amusing to see them in circulation. It happens often. They have a precise and relatable meaning to me...lol

Sometimes you just need an exact definition in a word. Leaves no to in for doubt!

If the Title is interesting, I shall read the Foreword. Then, decide!

Sometimes if forward isn't forthcoming, I read the last page.

You have a good answer. I forgot to mention; I also read the Credits and References, and try to learn of the Author, which is often hidden. I want to know, the Influence of the Contents, and the Philosophy of what's behind the Book. Because, I feel compelled to Know All Sides of any Information Source. Thus, it helps to "Know" thy Friends from the Enemies.

I spent many hours, in the presents of the School Administrators, questioning the curriculum, and Doctrines. I have even found, misinformation and misstated sentences in the School's posted Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America.

Therefore, we must all, be very careful of what we read, see, or listen thereto. As, the Political Structure of America, is Corrupted, and often Criminal.

Which is to say: If you live in a Nation with Criminals in Control.... you are, effectively, living in a Prison.

I'm an escape artist thank God.

It surely is . What portion of the US citizens do you believe to even know the constitution and their rights ordained by God recognized only by men of honour and a time past with exception to few.?

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