Today, some guy judged me for being gay/pansexual. He didn't even try to get to know me, he just judged me for my sexuality. I stood up to him, and he blocked me. Again, some guy judged me for what I look like. So, I told him to F off and I blocked him. I can't stand people who judge other's like that. We are all human beings and deserve to be treated as equal.
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5 Responses May 31, 2015

probably a closet queen ??

That's too true.

We are all human beings that HUMAN no matter what we believe in or who we are or where we come from and what we look like or what we where, or what we eat. And it Irratates me that people can be so judgemental everyone is different

It's really sad how people are so quick to judge but not at all to get to know a person. I for one believe that personalities are more important than anything else. If someone is gonna judge you for who you are then the *** with them, I can already tell that they are a bitter person. And you have permission to judge them for the bitter ******* that they are. I also respect that you were brave enough to stand up for yourself. I am way too careful with people's feelings so I could probably never do that. I'd just block em with little explanation or make a smartass remark. But it's a good skill to have to stand up for yourself.

People like that are stupid and close minded,don't listen to them,no one deserves to be judged in anyway,please keep doing what you're doing and keep standing up to all those a$$holes and jerks,don't worry if they block you,they aren't worth your time anyway and you don't deserve to talk to such terrible people.
hugs and kisses ❤ 💋
- Sabrina