By this saying i'am describing You Stranger.
I mean one cannot simply judge a person by the way he/she looks, their body appearance or their personality, those are just physical enhancements, every human being has got few negatives & positives in them and it attracts everyone, i'm not denying that, physical appearance is not important, yes it is but the main aspect of knowing a person is by their behaviour towards the society, towards his/her family, friends, lover etc.
That will portray his nature and by that aspect you can judge that person correctly :)
This is my point of view,

What do you guys think ?
Tryingtofixthingsnow Tryingtofixthingsnow
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You're right about that but we can't do anything against the general thinking.

Yes i agree but everybody thinks different so you never know who really likes you or hates you.

That's why I keep people on a certain distance too. Usually.

But we all judge people in a way or another.

Yes we do

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