Not only do I not judge a book by it's cover, I appreciate when people don't judge me by my cover. I change my hair color often, so people have assumed that I'm punk... that I'm disrespectful and have a bad attitude... Just based on whatever odd color I happen to have my hair in that day, plus my tattoos.

Other's have seen me and assumed that I'm inexperienced and innocent.

You should never assume that you know what someone is liked based on the way they express themselves outwardly. I think of myself as an artist and sometimes that expands to my looks... my hair, my make up, my clothes, etc...
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That's really what we have to do. But many times many people's judges the whole book by its cover. But you are not one with them.

The mind says it all!

Judging and or labeling is down right wrong and also very sad. It keeps some people from finding the most awesome friends, or colleagues. In my experience the one's to avoid are the very people act like they could never do any wrong, or look down on others.

When are people going to learn that men & women are only defined by their body parts. Other than that we are all the same, & no one should ever judge on how someone looks talks walks, etc. If I feel uncomfortable because of what someone says or how they act, I simply avoid them, or just tell them in private what bothers me.

Always sincere George

I sometimes wish I had the freedom to alter my appearance as needed. Suits and ties get old fast... unfortunately your experience sums up why in the corporate world individuals are hard to come by #GroupThink

Well, I love a man in a suit, so you got that goin' for ya. ;) But yes, it's nice to be able to just, on a whim, dye my hair purple, because basically I just don't care what people think! :)

The older you get... and as life loads you up with responsibilities... the less freedom you have. As a kid I had it all backwards. I had the luxury of not caring what people think... now my livelihood depends on it. #Tragic ... but I am glad that women like a good suit and tie #SilverLining

On my geometry book there is a guy smiling while doing math. That book is shear terror to me!

lol... Maybe instead of being afraid of it, you should pity the poor guy that's "smiling".... he could have gas!