This is the real me. This is what I look like. Please don't judge me.
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26-30, F
11 Responses Jul 14, 2015

How can we not judge your appearance? Very attractive, very pretty, beautiful!
Your picture shows you on the outside. It is what is on the inside that counts. Your very good looks put you a step ahead.

You are very pretty

As beautiful as I imagined!

Thank you

Anytime sweetheart! XOXOXO

Hello lovely


Your lovely :D

Don't let anyone tell you different.

You look gorgeous ❤️

Very nice shot!

That's you? You look very cute.

Thank you

You look very nice from what I can tell, why would you think we would judge?

Thanks I don't know I'm self conscious

We are all self conscious at one time or another but people will accept you for who you or it will be their loss. In your case your good looks are just a plus.

Thank you :)

I would never!