I learned it the hard way. smh.
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I've learned that 20 years ago. Best lesson ever.

u can't judge a person the same way,i try not 2 judge people

yes.. I stopped doing that after I learned..

I do. I just can't help it. At least I've learned to shut my mouth and remain inactive until I've seen the inner pages. That's good, right??

Yea. that's the best move. :)
but sometimes... just for the sake of it.. you must fake it.. I hate fake people but what choice do we have...

I really suck at lying/faking, so I just don't do it. Instead, I give everyone a genuine chance regardless of the judgments firing off in my mind. I remain open and honest. If they can't reciprocate, play games, lie, obfuscate, then we typically will not get along anyway. Birds of a feather and all that.

I know what you mean bro.. but you can't get rid of some people in your life. you know what I mean.. so. you must live with it. even though you must fake it and lie a Lil here and there. I'm honest and open 24/7 too but some people will never be like that. we have to let them be.

You can get rid of them. **** em off. jk Those kind of people, I just stay away from as much as possible.

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