I have learned that you can not base yourself on how someone looks or dresses and assume they are a certain way. Not all people with tattoos belong to gangs, not all people with glasses have to be super smart.

We have to give everyone a chance, I am sure you will find great friends where you least expected. I know I have.
besides I love tattoos and might get one myself and wouldn't like to be discriminated just for having ink in my skin.
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Thank u for this wonderful post. I have seen how people judge me, but I keep all their sh!t talks to God. Only the Angels can reply to them. Let them take all my sins, and I take their good deeds. As much as they pray, only God knows who I am and knows what's in my heart. I try to love people and embrace them, but they force me to run away from them and avoid them.

You are welcome. I just tell it like it is. I am tired of seeing discrimination and of being discriminated against. God is the only person who can judge us.

That is spoT on Girl !!! *Respect*

thank you :)
just speaking truth