Music Is A Drug.

Music is a massive release for me, just like many other people out there. I can be feeling awful, have my heart broken or something equally dramatic (lol) and with one simple action as turning music on, I'm transported to a better place. It's my drug. Makes me the person I want to be, makes me forget everything around me and sets me free.

Hmmm..sometimes I think I need to be more selective with my music choice. People prefer one genre, or maybe a few. Like my brother enjoys rock and heavy metal. Where as I enjoy all genres. I'm truly open to everything. On my iPod, I will be listening to heavy metal, listening to Pantera or Iron Maiden and the next moment I'll be listening Sam Cooke, Johnny Cash or Dusty Springfield. The Arctic Monkeys, Tenacious D or Eazy E. My song list is endless and covers everything from column A to Z. I like it that way, even when others may look down on me for what I like. I don't look down on them, even if I don't understand or particularly like their music choice. They're allowed to like what they like, and so am I.

Hmm..I think I'll go and listen to some Janis Joplin and Foo Fighters now.
SomeGenericUsername SomeGenericUsername
18-21, F
May 9, 2012