My Husband Encourages Me

I know there's a group on here for people that keep EP a secret...but I was surprised that THIS group didn't exist, so I created it.

While I don't tell my family to log in and check my stories, I don't keep this a secret from my husband.  He already knows my "secrets" and he knows that I'm not here for cyber-sex or anything.  He encourages me.  I often share with him the things that I've read or written or  the groups that I've created.  

hippieheart hippieheart
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2 Responses Apr 8, 2008

I feel blessed everyday that i was able to find you GirlLearningHowToSmile : )

I feel the same way love! (:

My fiance is the only one that knows about EP and that's because we met on here. So, we share everything with each other. It's such a relief to be able to share so much with him and never feel ashamed or embarassed or anything. As for the rest of the people in my life some know about EP but they don't know my username.