Friends Or Not Friends

Knowing that you can trust or friends and be able to talk with them about anything right. I was wroung once agian im finding my self asking over over again if friends use you. I am just keeping ends meet my self and one of my friends or to say my only one asked to borrow money again to pay his rent told him no promblem. Knowing that again im helping friends out but i go without most of the time i dont eat and thay know that. Sometimes thay pay back but some of the time thay dont  Could thay be useing me or am i looking into to hard

ddayton85 ddayton85
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Let's look at this logically and realistically. Your friends KNOW you give then your last dollar to help them out but also go without eating? Aaaand they are OK with that? Really?! Ok let me just say we all hit our low points but you need to look out for numero uno always. You need to learn to say no. Your a kind person BUT don't let people get you all twisted! You need to help yourself first before you can help others, other wise your going to be feeling like this over and over. Its easy to take advantage on people that make it easy. Do you. Its a dog eat dog world but if your not smart enough you will have more things then friends to be upset about. Respect yourself then others will respect you for YOU. Not what you can do or give. Get there and you'll see a huge difference between helping friends then to now. I promise you there is no one leaving you hanging. I help people too but they know not to disrespect me and they keep their word. There is no take, take, take in anything there is always equal balance.