Everthing Has Ears ................

The constant battle of good /evil ... light / dark ............ Since first visiting Florida in the early nineties it has been a pilgrimage of my significant other to fill every square inch of the house with Official  disney products . But to name  a few a singing toaster , a M.M. talking phone (2)

cups ,cutlery , picture frames ,watches , bed linen  etc. etc .etc !!!!!! You can image my delight when Smudge (cat No2) accidentally knocked over a ceramic Donald duck  :O) . Armed with the latest super glue the nessacery surgery was undertaken ....... 20 Min's later having achieved a marked measure of  success and a suitable high .... dear Donald was placed on the shelf beside the 1930s replica Mickey Mouse speaking phone  with the moving arm ........ Turning with a triumphant look on her face ( I said that Donald was beyond help and should be binned) one hand on her hip they other poking me in the back , whilst I was reading my paper .....the phone rang ...... Good ol Mickey's right hand applied the appropriate  measure of force to enable dear Donald to become airborne and produce a fight pattern last seen in Top gun ....

He was doing fine till he met the floor ..... still findings bits 3 weeks later   :o)


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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

No need Pedro , the Davie girls are coming over next week for christmas shopping !!! so no doubt i will will getting something with ears :(