Don't Ask How It Was Done!

I get 320 a month normally, but that is about to change in a couple months.

I would live on 320 a month, no really, literally $320. This is after rent and power. Then I would have to pay phone and other bills out of the $320. I would usually have $30 left over after all said and done.

I see TONS of video games, EXPENSIVE ones, like Sims 3 on my shelf. I reflect back to my OLD income of $320 a month and think, JEEZE! How did you DO that!? I also bought Sims 2, all of the collection with all stuff packs when this was in vogue. My poor head swims and hurts trying to figure out how I did it.

I now get about 650-750 a month now, every month. I can wrap my head around affording these things with THAT sort of money. But on $320 a month? No, impossible to wrap my head around that. Sorry, no can do.

I priced out a ticket to Orchestra Level at our Symphony building for a video game related event. It was $155 dollars or so. I could not get over that I will be able to afford this one all of a sudden. This would be an event I would like to go to. I had 30 dollars BEFORE left over after bills. Now with $468 left over after bills, who couldn't afford that with LOW bills? I would be able to save some for MONTHS before the event would begin. The kicker is, the ticket is the ultimate VIP, the ones people would love to afford! I cried from shock finding out that I CAN ACTUALLY AFFORD it! What more could you ask for?
jmintuck jmintuck
May 19, 2012