Well ****

The last year and a half has been full of such extreme highs and lows. I was definitely at one of my lowest when I stumbled upon EP. I haven't been here long but Ive met some amazing people here. One in particular that has really inspired me. One that I just wanna scoop up and keep in my pocket forever. She amazes me and has since day one. Unfortunately, she has decided to leave. Its not that we wont keep in touch outside of EP, but I'll sorely miss her daily posts. I'll miss the playful banter. I'll miss picking her brain late at night.

I guess my point of posting this here is because she made me feel something.

I'll miss you in EP land, LilCuppa. I love you in a way I can't classify.
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That is sweet

this is meeee.. :)<br />
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i love mah muffin. being away from ya sucked.<br />
<br />
let the buffoonery begin! :D

HAHAHA! Oh my Cuppypoo, welcome home

I thought this morning of starting a pool as to how long it'll be before she comes back. It's not that I'm being a wise-guy, it's just that for some of us, as odd as it is, EP is actually a healthy outlet that we need.<br />
<br />
So. I won't start a pool. But, as I write this, I'm pretty sure that she's out there reading some of the stuff that still goes on. So... I shall glibly write: "Hi Cuppa! I know you're reading this!"<br />
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This is rather odd because when I bailed in December, she wrote a story about me.... and yeah, I read it about a day after she wrote it....

I think starting a pool is a great idea. Im in!

Nope. I don't want to tease. Not fair. Leaving is hard... coming back is harder....

18 days. o_O