How Do I Feel?...

I feel like I have a huge crush on her, I feel like I want to be with her, I feel like I have no emotions with her, I feel like we should not be together, I feel like we should be together - I dont know how I feel...

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Perhaps you should give it a chance. give yourself a timefr<x>ame maybe to see if it will work out. But really try and work it out. Have you told her you want her to show her emotions more? Maybe she just shows them in different ways? - not the way you want or expect though. <br />
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And I think your right it is probably because she has very few feelings for me beyond the friend stage. I have told her I do, but she has feelings for another guy. And the no emotions thing - I guess thats when I think there is no point in pursuing it and try to forget the feelings are there - sometimes that works - probably easier if i do that as it wont ever work.

well... mine is a little different than having a crush. I have been with this person on and off for a year. and it's always a roller-coaster... one minute I love her, next minute she's driving me crazy..and I think we are completely wrong for each other. It goes back and forth like a ping-pong ball... one week I think we should be together for a long long day I think it would be best if we weren't a part of each others life's at all. My indecision hurts us both.... but I think the reason I'm so indecisive (It might be different for you?) is because I'm not sure if her hear is really into this. Because she's the one with NO EMOTIONS... So I don't know if she really wants to be with me... if she showed me once in awhile, maybe I wouldn't go back and forth... with my feelings for her.<br />
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So what's your story....and what did you mean when you said, "you have no emotions with her?" Does she know you have a crush on her?

yes for certain! and answers just confuse things more - not good! Whats your story queenofconvience?..

Damn, I feel the same way. I feel for ya... You do but you don't. A brain-wrecker for sure.. wish I had some answers for ya. They don't make it any easier either.