The Beautiful Beginning

This is a continuation of my story “Waiting the first time”, about me and my guy and how we came to be. I feel very lucky to have met him and I love him more deeply every day. These events happened nearly 21 years ago, a little sketchy is my memory but we have pieced it together and these are my feelings of what happened.
When he walked into the pub I was working at I wanted to jump into his arms. I had not seen him for months and did not know he was going to be flying back that day. It was such a lovely surprise. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I could feel his eyes watching me, looking at him smile, I could hardly contain myself. I had to wait though because I was in the middle of a busy shift and my boss was a bit of a hard *** and you had to work your *** off for your money. My shift finally finished and I ran and threw my arms around him. I wanted to kiss him and breathe him in. He scooped me up and my feet were off the ground. We kissed passionately and forgot there was a room full of people. They just about cheered us on and told us to get a room. Funny thing, I was not much of a skirt wearer but had sewn myself this little mini skirt, I always thought my legs were too big to wear mini skirts but that is the first thing he noticed and commented on, that I was soo sexy in that skirt.

He had been away for a few months it was the usual catch up with family and friends, we all ended up at our regular drinking hole. I had on white shorts and a little white half top with lace on the bottom, you could see my brown belly and there was not an inch of fat on me. I was always out to have fun and sometimes to the extreme. We partied until the place closed and kicked us out, then we were walking staggering back to my place. Half way home I got tired and said “Piggy Back Me”, he turned around and put me on his back and off we trekked to the house. I was so drunk, we got to the back steps and I could not get the key in the door, so I turned around and slid down the door laughing. Little did I know at the time that the back door was covered in mould and I was wearing white. He picked me up and placed me out of the way of the door and grabbed the keys off me and opened the door. I shared a house with another couple and they were asleep. We got into my room and he wanted to go to bed, but I have a rule that no matter how drunk I am I always have to have a shower when I get home. To get the nightclub smell off me. So off we trek to the shower, he admitted that he had not had a shower with a woman before. I ******** off my clothes and jumped in the shower, we had not seen each other naked before and when he ******** off I could not take my eyes off him. He was so gorgeous and his **** stood straight to attention at the sight of me. He was fit and muscly and absolutely scrumptious, in my state though I could not do a lot with him in the shower, except to admire his body and wonder how that huge **** of his was going to fit in my little *****. **We have since measured the beast and it is 8 inches and grows another inch just before he ******

At the time I only had a single mattress on the floor in my room, which did not matter, we were prepared to stack em for the night. He started kissing me and I felt like I had gone to heaven. Feeling his hands run over my body, and as he moved between my legs feeling his amazing **** at the entrance of my *****. I was so wet just waiting for him and looking and feeling his body. He entered me slowly and OMG it was so amazing I wanted to cry. Now having a few drinks under our belts made his lasting power go on forever, he pounded my poor ***** into the morning sunshine until I begged him to ***, he said he could go on for longer but I was spent. He finally blew his load in me and we laid in each other’s arms to go to sleep.

Waking up in the morning with him beside me was wonderful. I used to find him just looking at me, he always touches my face and tells me how cute I am and how beautiful I am. He has the most amazing Hazel, Green eyes that change with his mood. The twinkle that he gets when he looks at me makes me want him more and more. We could not stop touching and kissing each other and I was in awe of this amazing man that wanted me so badly. He was so casual after making love again in the morning and getting up for coffee, he just threw a towel around himself and went to the kitchen. I could not take my eyes off him. How did I get so lucky to have this man come into my life.
Our love story continues……………..
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41-45, F
May 12, 2012