Even Though You Had To Leave It...

Michael was mine. He was a kind, smart, amazing, hard-working man.

And until the night of March 6, 2012, everything was hard, but I was able to manage, because I had him. But on that night everything changed. He was hit by a drunk driver and killed on impact coming home from work.

He was only 17 years old, but he did more in those 17 years than more people do in a lifetime. We started going out in 6th grade and had a baby June 3, 2011, Tate, who has down syndrome. He is now a year old and misses his daddy as much as I do. A few weeks after Michael's death I found out I was having another child, I'm now 19 weeks pregnant.

My boyfriend loved me more than anything, and I loved him the same. We would have eventually gotten married and bought a house and had more children. But I guess not.

Even so, I feel so indescribably blessed to have had such an amazing guy in my life, even though he had to leave it.

He was a father to Tate, and loved and cared for him just as much as I did. He went on mission trips 4 times a year all over the place. He convinced me to go to church where I was first introduced to Jesus and his love. He gave me the love that was missing from my life, and provided a firm foundation for me to lean on.

He is with me, in everything I do and say. I love him. I have always loved him.
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That is just beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss, and so happy for your love. God bless you and your beautiful children.