I Received The Greatest Gift Of All Later In Life!

Sometimes I sit amazed that I met you. A man who loves wholly and completely without restrictions. You have encouraged every part of my education process knowing that harder classes and more difficult times are ahead but with a reward at the end. I can count on you to be my coach and guide through my classes since some of them I am worried about because of the difficulty level.

The love I receive is the most amazing thing I ever have experienced in my life. I am loved for who I am not what you think I should be. I can open up completely to you and I know my thoughts and dreams are safe.

I have never felt safe and loved in a mans arms before and the idea sometimes is scary because I do feel so safe and loved. It is a brand new feeling for me in all the years of my life and even when I was married I never felt safe and completely cared for the way you care for me.

We have so many changes that will be coming up, changes for you and for me but I know these are all going to work out because we have something most people never even attain, a level of deep communication and committment.

How in the world some woman never came along and snatched you up is beyond me but I am so very glad that she did not. We both have broken relationships and promises from the past but we grew from those and learned so much.

You, Rick have been my greatest gift I have ever received in my life and I feel very blessed....I love you!
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5 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Thats nothing new to me. My bf does way more and he was just 17 when we met. 5 yrs later, we're still strong.

Wow Kathleen.... I am so happy for you. A little jealous too.... :) But very happy. I know things are going in the right direction in both education and relationship.

Thanks Mark!! Finally met that man who understands and wants to know the real me not just the surface of me. I am very lucky!! :-)

WOW I am so happy for you and a little "envious" but more happy for you as I know you deserve it!

Thank you so very much! I appreciate even your little envious feeling! :-)

It's not like we didn't try. lol
Rick held out because he knew the best woman in the world for him was still out there ... and you're it!!
I'm so very happy for both of you.
(p.s. I want to be the ring-bearer or something, k?)

Thank you!! I am so very lucky to have him in my life (and yes you can be the ring bearer if you like lol) I am happy for us too!!! :-)

You are my greatest gift too babydoll, it is so awesome i found you !!!
You are an amazing woman and I LOVE YOU because you are who you are!!!
It is going to be a great future for us babydoll!!!

Yes it is going to be a great future! We have so much more to do in life and we get to do it together! :-)