Amazing Coincidence

Three weeks ago I went on a compulsery holiday, during which I visited a few mates. One mate introduced me to her flatmate. We started talking. My mate went to bed early and we stayed up talking throughout the night. Apparantly we txted for a while through an online dating site two years ago. That night we kissed and slept together. For the rest of the holiday I stayed with him. We decided that I would move in. Three days later I found a job.
We completely adore eachother. It happend so suddenly and unexpected. Two months ago I was suicidal and at the end on my wits. Now I want to live and love all that I can. I want to tell people that life does change. People do find happieness when they least expect it. I love my partner and even though there will be times in which I will relapse into bad habits and feelings, he will be there with me. Life's burdens will be shared and he will help us through it. One more week and I will be with my soulmate again
suray1 suray1
18-21, F
Sep 26, 2012