I Met You!

Have you ever been lucky enough to find someone whom you seem to have known since forever?  Have you ever met someone and clicked immediately?  Have you ever met someone that when you frequently open your mouth to speak that the same words are coming out of their mouth at the same time?  Have you ever met someone that can finish your sentences? Have you ever met someone that, despite the miles, they know when you are not feeling happy and are instantly there to cheer you up and bring smiles to your face?  I have been lucky enough because I met you!

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7 Responses Mar 2, 2010


This is a keeper...don't let go. :)

I told him the same thing but he said he already knew it lol.

Hey... weird or unique...it's all good!!!...at least you're being yourself!! : )<br />
<br />
Like your post, you don't meet these kind of people every day so when I find someone THAT compatible, I keep them in my life..... cause they are precious to me.

I am the weirdest person I know lol.

It is miraculous. I am a weird person and to find someone with the same oddities as me was really a blessing.

Your story is penned as if it came from my own thoughts too. I have been lucky enough to have met someone that fits me in exactly the same way as you write about yours. I enjoyed your story because it matches my experience too!