I have plans in my head of how i want things to go, but actually making them go that way is not my forte' or whatever its not my thing. I remember that question in highschool, where do you see yourself in 10 years or 5 years. I was always so stumped on that question.

I thought it was a stupid question when i was young, like how in the **** am i suppose to know where the **** ill be

God i was stupid. I still always think things will get better this time around, this time around and find myself not at all where i thought i would be. Granted there are a lot of things that do improve, but im not where i thought i would be with a career and significant other, i also thought i would own a house by now somehow.

I don't know i don't let it get to me that much, as long as im generally happy at the present time then im cool and am able to try to strive for certain things i want to achieve or have in the future, but i haven't done well in this department so far, i guess i could use some advice.

Not just visioning myself there either (where i would like to be say in 5 years) I mean hands on realistic advice for me to stick to certain things and be patient for the results. How do you stick with something that takes so long to improve or see the result you want.

I am impatient and don't know how this story ends.

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lol wow. thanks mewold, i totally can do the go where the wind blows me thing well...hahaha i can be happy with this for myself, but i do want to plan for a piece of land out here and a house on it to leave my sons. That is the main reason i am concerned how this story ends. I actually do have a hook-up for land once i get my loan approved. So i am on my way, but after i get like a manufactured home on it and all that then i will continue to go with the flow, which is actually how i found this land just being me and the maintenance guy made friends with me and invited me to his house and we have had fun times, bbq's and drunken bonfire nights together.<br />
<br />
Little did i know he is the hook-up for my affordable land and is willing to help me out to make this plan come true as far as people he knows for the stuff im gonna need on the land, like fencing etc...thanks for sharing your story and wow 7 days a week, 12 hours a day i don't even know if i could do that. hats off to you.

frosti, I just went where the wind blew me and didn't worry about it. I am not recommending it but the one thing that I did was this. I was in tooling, which is a high paying field. When I would get laid off, I always went to work at another tooling place. When I got a recall from the 1st place, I always went back, even if I was making more money where I was. Tooling in aerospace is nortorious for laying off. Eventually, after 7 layoffs, I got enough seniority to survive the layoffs and stay. That is when my income started to climb. When I retired at 61, I was making more per year than a 20 year engeenier. I was averageing between 70,000 and 90,000 per year. Understand that this was working an average of 10 to 12 hours per day and and 5, 6, and sometimes 7 days per week. There is a price to pay for everything. I retired at 61 because my health was ruined by my occupation. Unless you are really a special person, there are no easy ways.

and thanks flowerlady, i love comments like that, that keep me going.

well thank you Vendetta. I will keep that in mind.

Well if you need help with a game plan on buying a home, I can help you there. I worked as a mortgage officer at a credit union during the housing boom, and I used to give presentations on how people can build up their credit. So if you have questions about that stuff, perhaps I can be of service.

im impatient also. hang in there and everything will work out!