I Shut Down

When I need it the most, I shut down.  I retreat into myself and don't know how what do to or articulate what I need.  Sometimes I need someone to just hold me and let me know that they're there.  Be gentle and take care of me, give me the space to cry alone (why I need to cry alone I still don't know) and wait til I'm ready to come out of my funk.

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when someone comes along I can trust to cry...I will

please come out of your funk & get ready.<br />
there is a lot of space in the earth for you to cry.

i guess part of me thinks i can handle the storm better alone. but it would be nice once in awhile if there wa somethere. and i haven't clue how to communicae that when i'm hurting, and don't think about it when i'm not.

I rarely cry. It's not that i don't feel things, i do, and intensely. But i guess the back of my mind i figure if i start i may not stop. and my hubs...i think my tears scarehim. as said ere, he doesn't quite know what or how to do for me. with my tears comes so much animus, i just shut it all down, and deal with little pieces alone.

Sometimes just being around can be enough. It's all unconditional love and support...giving the space, the time and 'safety' (very important!) to be yourself and get yourself together...we are made to communicate...we are made to love...sometimes some people have less of one and more of another or less of both...<br />
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Sammy Jo Duponte xx

oh god, "it's okay honey", "there there"...they are remembered as D said, but think about it...when someone is crying, it's often because they don't have the strength to put a lid on their emotions...so yes, strength and security...especially if you are dealing with a strong woman...or one who has spent many years comforting herself.

Sometimes the flare up is what's needed in order for the fire to die down....

Slyer, the harder we push, the stronger the man needs to be...he needs to be able to push harder...here's the deal, when we're in that space, we're deep down inside, right? Well, we need someone who can and will dig and keep on digging....there does come a point when we give in and allow ourselves to enveloped in an embrace...but like I said, you have to go deep to get there.<br />
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Damn Gadget, I was hoping you wouldn't say that.

but thats when we need the most help sla<x>yer. <br />
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IWM - no I've forgotten real love

Do you remember what it feels like to be loved?

agreed...don't give me solutions...give me love

There I times when I need to cry alone, and others when I want someone to hold me while I cry. Don't try to fix it, just hold me, play with my hair, rub my back, hold my hand...<br />
God, it's been years since I had that....