It's Not Our Fault

I've come to really notice, that we read on many sites, and here from many people that when we are having any form of problem, we need to get help. We are given every step except the first step which is actually having to ask for help; we are told to do it, but we are never told HOW to ask for help. We dont know where to go or who to ask: we are left with the constand proding to go get help.

I really wish websites that are SOOO  dedicated to helping people and saving lives (so modest...), would actually tell those people how to ask for help. Like literally give some starter lines or something. I know for me it was a) Not knowing WHERE to go, and b) When I got there, not knowing WHAT to say.

I guess to solve the problem you need to follow the Who, What,When,Where,Why and How ... well for some of them.

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Nowhere pretty for me I'm afraid. It's like being chased through the woods by some creature, and finally having to give in to the exhaustion and be eaten. Yup, thats depressionfor you. I have reaached out, and I have tried and everyone just looks past me. So they need a shock to their systems..they need to see what happens when they don't offer a lending hand...what happens when something is ignored...besides that I dont know. I mean I suppose I could reach out to a professor again , seeing as my parents want nothing to do with it and my friends cant do much more. I mean how can we be expected to deal with this alone? What the hell are we supposed to do when all our options have been used and refused?

so what next?

Me too *sigh* since I lost my treatment and support I feel like I'm floating out of reality ...and considering I now have a severe addiction to meds, I'm headed for trouble...

maybe this is just who i am. ill always see pics. my cuts wiil keep me here for now!i have responsibilities, im so confused sometimes fear blocks im a loser my thoughts change so often, im ashamed!i want to be grounded,feel real

It's nice to have a goal, and that sounds like a good one.

I totally agree there is no quick answer; it's an everyday struggle, and process. <br />
They suggested medications, but I am hesitant, just because of all the negative effects I've heard about these medications. <br />
Its funny because the counselor I have used to be a friend/boss/co-worker, so its just funny how we went from working together, to him being my life line. I still can't believe last week, I should have been dead...scary thought...scary feeling...never over dose friends, terribly painful and its torture. <br />
If I get through all of this ok, I really want to get suicide awareness raised better then it currently is.

Glad you're still with us, Fastlane.<br />
<br />
I don't think there are any quick answers to a lot of conditions. In my case, I went to a doctor and told him what I felt was happening and he prescribed some medication.<br />
<br />
From there, I told him what the medication was doing and he made more adjustments, tried different medications and sent me to a psychiatrist.<br />
<br />
I've seen a number of counsellors, but the person I'm with now seems to be the best match for me.<br />
<br />
It's hard to tell someone else what questions to ask because I don't know the details of their condition. Even if I did know, I'm not a professional and any answer would be based on what I know (which I feel wouldn't be nearly enough).<br />
<br />
Hang in there. I'm glad to hear you have a counsellor who sounds like they're on your side :-)

It really annoys me how we are always told to get help, and no one helps us to find it. <br />
Worse, when we dont know where to go, people say we dont find help, because we like the attention we get for our problems.

I'm in the same boat.

That is my biggest issue, looping/repetitive thoughts that drive me nuts and keep me awake at night. <br />
You shouldnt be hospitalized... I found it of no use, but I guarantee by the end of May i'll be back in there again.<br />
Thankfully my counselor is like my best friend.. I think its a sign, that this man is here to keep my from killing myself... I should have died last thursday evening but I didnt and he happened to call me friday morning, heard that I was in trouble, and had me rushed to the ER. We all need someone like that.<br />
I really hope you can find the help you need; everybody deserves the chance. But please dont hold back; if you need help finding help I'll do the best I can to help you, and Im sure many others here will too. We are all in this together :)

i have had a lot of changes in me lately. i started going to a therepist. i dont know how to say what i think or feel! i dont want to be hospitalized!!!!!!!!!!!so i hold back, im thinking, thats not going to help. i talk in circles, i cut my self, i am an adult, i have responsibilities. im not crazy! im a loser!!!!! im not suicidal!

I'm hoping websites will provide that sort of information...if they are truly professionals, they will know how.

wondering how to ask for help myself!

May clients say "Father, I need Help."<br />
<br />
I say "Tell me what is troubling you. I am not here to judge you in any way, I am here to help you in any way that I can."<br />
<br />
Has worked for the last 40 years.