Hello I Need Some Help

This is something I have always had trouble with.  From asking for a simple helping hand, to a heartwrentching plea.

I still don't know why one little word can be so hard to say. Maybe part of it is admiting that there is a problem in the first place.  Like I am failing in some way, not being a strong person who can handle life.

When I need help around the house, I wait until I really need it before asking.  Which is just so silly, why not let everyone know that this is their house too, and their mess....help clean it! I am not superwoman, but I think sometimes I would like to be.  Capable, and incredibly able.

When I have my bouts of depression the last thing I ask for is, help.  I secretly wish that someone could see that I am not well, and just take over.  But yet again I don't  ask for help. Maybe it is insecurity about who I am, and the perception people already have of me.  That I am more than capable, confident, and strong able to do anything.

What a good pretending act I have done.  So much so, that now I feel there is no way of finding the door marked help.

Maybe I need to make a badge that says "hello I need some help" and then I could wear it for those times, I just cant bring myself to say it.

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4 Responses Jun 2, 2009

That is so true about seeing asking for help as a weakness. I used to keep everything that was bothering me to myself because I Believed that I could handle it on my own, how wrong I was.

I've always had an issue asking for help, even just moral support. It's because I am fiercely independant and beleived I could only rely on myself - so often people say they will be there for you and then aren't.<br />
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Like you YourLove, I've tended to hope people would recognise my pain, but they don't. And even if they do they don't really do anything about it.<br />
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Asides from all that I have finally learned that I DO need help/support and people AREN'T mind readers and so I have to tell them what's going on in my head. It's still hard to do, but I'm trying to make myself heard a bit more...I'm sure you can start practising by making some small requests?<br />
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No problem.

First off, I want to say that it took a lot of courage to admit that and that you should be very proud. I, myself have a very hard time talking about real issues because I'm such an introvert and have trust issues. It's just really hard, but, good for you.