This sounds dumb, but I keep getting messages of people who became my fan, and I can't figure out how to become a fan of anyone else! Any insight?
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No problem. It is confusing since they changed the site around so much. We are all getting used to the new changes. I am glad it helped to make it clear.

Oh, Thank you Fungirl!!! I have added people to my circle, but I didn't know that was becoming a fan! It's all so clear now! LOL Thanks!

PS: Also if you are reading one of their stories you can just click on "add friend" and it will accomplish the same thing. If you do this correctly the link will then say "added" with undo in brackets after it.

Yes, if you like someone's posts here then you can become a fan of that person. In the left hand side of their profile there is a link that says "add to circle". When you click that link the person receives a private message saying that you are their fan. There is a link in that message for them to become your fan too and if they click on the link the two of you become friends. If not then you will remain a fan of the person. I hope this helps.