Ok to make this brief, my husbands stepsister is the person who introduced us. When I actually started going out with him she did a complete U-turn and became quiet nasty. By the way we worked together for a while and she made up crazy weird rumours that I made her mum cry etc. Anyway after constantly being verbally abused and targeted by her we decided to ignore her. She blocked us off Facebook for a while, continued to spread rumours and she was basically the reason why we couldn't go round to my husband's father's home for a while. We just wanted to avoid the situation getting worse, hoping she would stop one day. She left my workplace, got a new better job, got married and is pregnant. I and my husband married 2 months ago and she sent a nasty text to my husband saying he is doing a mistake and the whole family thinks this. We continued to ignore but my husband sent copies of her text to his father and uncle. Apparently they were cross with her. BUT instead of showing some remorse or shame or simply stopping, she and her husband have acted high and mighty as if they have been wronged. My husband is still civil and says hi to everyone when he is at his dad's. However, recently on a mutual friend's Facebook post, my husband commented as he did not agree with this friends statement - it being political. Then his stepsister used that (even though her and my husband are not friends on Facebook), to attack him and our marriage. (He converted for me as my family would not have agreed to the marriage - but this was just recent). She attacked him on Facebook saying some weird people change religion, they started believing evil things, they are horrible etc etc. She is basically commenting on a random post just to verbally attack. All I want to understand is why she cannot leave us alone. Why does she always want to find a way or another to get her claws in and to bully and belittle. And nobody stops her. Whenever we try to speak to anybody about it we are told to get over it. Why is one person's evil behaviour tolerated and another person's misery overlooked? I really need to find a way to cope but don't know how. I feel really helpless and teary as it really gets to me. I have gone past wanting to ever talk to her again but somehow she continues to have a way of making herself feel present. Please help if you have any advice as to how this could be resolved. I mean it she is evil and I am not somebody who likes to even say that about another person.
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Why Do you care so Much about her. Just ignore her. Take a really good care of your husband and be nice to his family. When you meet her in your in law's house. Say hi and be brief with her. You can't change anybody unless they want to change themselves. Don't Even bother your self talking or arguing witp her . So ignore her and be happy!