I Miss My Husband~

It seems as though my husband and I have spent more of our relationship long distance than accually face to face. The first time i accually layed eyes on him he was playing basketball and it was my freshman year in high school and i was also a new kid. He was a Junior at the time and i thought he was really cute, but of course i was the kind of girl that if u liked me u had to come up to me. so i just figured he didn't like me because he never did try talking to me. When accually come to find out he didn't even know i went to that school and he had seen me grocery shopping all the time with my mom at Winn Dixie because he worked there, he said he thought i was cute too but could never get up the nerve to say anything around my mom. Eventually 3 years later the summer before my senior year i was grocery shopping with my mom again and i see a guy standing way down an aisle that i thought looked cute and when he had gotten a little closer i realized it was him, he obviously wasn't still working there but after he had seen me he waived his hand for me to go up to him and we got to talkin and exchanged numbers. We ended up seeing a movie together that night and he told me he was in the Airforce and was being stationed in Las Vegas and would be leaving in 5 days. We spent those entire 5 days together and they were incredibly amazing, and we did the long distance relationship thing that everyone said would never work, but we did, we made it for 5 months and i made the desicion to move there to be with him, so as soon as i turn 18 in Dec. i flew to Vegas. We soon got married Jan.15 , got our apartment,a dog, and everyting was perfect, then we got the news he was to be sent to Iraq for 6 months and he would leave for training at the end of may and be sent to iraq at the begining of August.So i flew back and now staying with my family while he is there. But no matter how long we are apart our love never fades for one another and it never will. He is my everything and i wouldn't know what to do without him.
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That is such a beautiful story of how you and your husband met, and lead up to getting married. I believe distance can make the love that you have for each other so much stronger. I know that it's different for everyone, but I believe that if true love is present then it will work. Eventually he will be home, so stay strong and blessed