I Get Mad, He Gets Mad.

I know that there are ups and downs to every relationship. But i feel my downs are irrelvent. You see, if i get mad at my boyfriend, he then gets mad at me for getting mad. Whatt??.. yeahh i know. And i have always bin the one to give in and talk to him first. Idk, i feel like life is to short to be spending it fighting and ignoring each other so i am always the one calling him. Then after i call him i go,

"babe whats wrong?"


"babe, you can talk to me",

"Its cuzz you get mad for dumb reasons"

and then i say, "if it hurts my feelings its not a dumb reason. "

and then it stays quiet for 10-15 minutes and i say

"hello?.. Babe im sorry if i got you mad"<---- that right there, why do i say sorry, he hurt my feelings.

he says " its ok babe, im sorry "

But if i dont call him he wouldnt have called me. He can go on for days.

ahh, i put him first for eveything and he doesnt return the favor.

Does anyone feel the same?

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I can imagine that would be extremely difficult. If you love him and he is slowly changing then do your best to hang in there. <br />
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Just remember that you deserve to be treated the way you treat others and if he is showing you less love and respect than you show unto him then you shouldn't put up with it. <br />
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Another tactic you can try using is humor, when you get into an argument instead of getting down and upset - turn it into a joke and have a laugh - this may sound totally stupid, but trust me. If you can learn to turn a solemn situation into a laugh you will not only feel a million times better for it, the happiness will bring you too closer together!

thanks ^^^^<br />
he has Started to change little by Very little. i do love him, alottt. We have a baby, and it gets hard when i have someone to take care of and i feel like breaking down

I have been in the same boat in previous relationships and it's a sign of insecurity on the guys part. You need to ask yourself " Can I go my whole life feeling like this?" If the answer is no you need to do something about it. One thing that temporarily worked for me was starting to treat my guy the same way he was treating me. He then saw something was up, something had changed, he wanted to know why i wasn't being as civil and as attentive, I told him all I was doing was treating him the same way he treated me and if he treated me better, i would treat him better - he started changing, but it didn't last. In the end I realised that you can't change people, and if your not happy - you need to move on.