I Need Feedback About My Mother

Hi. I'm an only child in a family of three--my mother, my father, and me. Before I was even in the picture, my parents have made it clear they were not happy with each other or being in a relationship. After I was in the picture, things didn't get much better. In fact, I probably made things worse thinking about it. As I got older, my mom continued running her business, a daycare center, out of our home. At this point, my whole life had been spent at home with my mother. One of my earliest and most defined memories as a child is when my mother couldn't get me "under control", she would grab the phone and phone book threatening to call social services on me and have me taken away. I was four.
I can't trust her. She doesn't respect my feelings when I ask her not to tell all of her friends and our family very personal issues about me. She says, "I need to vent too!" I understand that but, it seems as if venting is actually just bad-mouthing me. Then, every time I see those people they look down on me because of what my mother has said to them.
Both of my parents have been pushing me to see a counselor. They were going to start me a few months back, but that fell through. So, I talked to the counselor at school. She listened to me, and did something my parents hadn't even attempted in years... She tried to understand that I was hurt. I expected they would be happy to hear I had talked to a counselor but I was wrong. The counselor had "sided" with me (for example, she told me I wasn't always wrong). When I told my parents about this they became enraged saying I needed to see a different counselor and if she was willing to deal with me, then I should ask her for an extra bed. I can't do anything right for them anymore.

Please tell me what you would think if you were in this situation.
I'm tangled inside because I feel that I am being hurt/beaten down but they are telling me I'm wrong and I deserve what I've been getting.
Also, my mother repeatedly tells me "don't come crying to me if you get raped". What do you think of that?
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My mm said that too, and then it happenend. She didn't know how to deal and we fell apart. Not like we were close or anything.