Maybe This Isn't a Big Deal

so, im not sure if not knowing how to drive is a big deal.  its definantly not as important as all the other problems in my life. but there are downsides to not driving a car.  i have to rely on others to get me places.  very frustrating. and i just feel strange not knowing how to operate a car.  im worried what people would say to me about it.   in high school, i was extremly shy and too emberrased to take driver's ed.  i have problems with instructions and directions. i have trouble focusing, and remembering tasks to complete.  i am smart when it comes to creative and visual learning, but some things just seem too daunting,(like driving) that it overwhelms me.  however, i know some people do not drive, and rely on public transportation and walking.  it actually saves money on gas.  if i dont learn to drive, i hope i can live in the city where everything i need is accessible.  

ashleyray123 ashleyray123
2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Hey, fellow non-driver! I have never driven, either, and have the same thoughts as you do. But though the mainstream culture disses people who don't drive, I believe it is a good thing as it is much better for the environment and atmosphere, does not further the petrochemical robber barons' agenda, and costs so much less than it does to maintain a car, put in gas, pay for insurance, etc! Public transport and friends are the way to go.

If you ever get the chance to hop unto a semi tractor and just drive around the area. It would give you a better view and understanding of what people are missing.