Im Crazy

okay so i met this one guy. he was soo sweet and i really didnt like him at all. i lied too him sooo many times. for one i dnt live anywere near him. he thinks i do.second i lied about my age and everthing esle. wow i was really bugging.

so one day he  says he wants to see mee and im like noo noo we cant see eachother, just making up bullshit right. so he goes to the place were i said that i lived. i was soo cold and it was snowing to top it all off. i tried to act like i cared but i really didnt.

so he found out everything tha i lied about it was soooo crazy. i still didnt really care. then he told me he loved me and i was like yea rite as soon a he sed he was going to leave me. thats when i realized wow. i dont want to lose him.

now we still talk and he wants me to fix myself, but i have no idea how. like come on i lied now he wants me to be that best person in da world. and i have no idea...people cant just fix who they are. it takes time and effort. what you put into yourself is what youll geet out in the long run


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Type your comment here...I read your story and I am not really sure why you felt the need to lie. Usually people save 'lies' for important things. When I say this, I am referring to lies such as: "officer I had no idea that I was going over the speed limit" "the bridesmaids dresses are beautiful" and even men do it with saying" oh, honey you don't look fat in those jeans" when that woman KNOWS it took her 24 minutes to pull them up!!<br />
We all lie to protect ourselves and other people's feelings. No it doesn't make it ok, but it is what it is. <br />
It sounds like he wants to punish you in some way by saying change who you are! NO!!!!! <br />
If you are truly sorry about what you did then explain that. Try to tell the truth from now on so that trust can be formed. But you are you and if he is just saying please don't play games anymore,that's understandable. <br />
But for anyone to attempt to change for someone else,I believe they will loose part of who they really are and guess what? There might just be another person who would not want to change you,even if they could.they would accept you FLAWS and all.

Aren't you unhappy with your behavior deep down? It's really a question of what do you want to do with your life. And what's wrong with being the best person in the world. "everybody does it" is not a valid excuse. For starters, stop lying unless really necessary. <br />
<br />
As ridiculous as this sounds I draw a picture on my hand with permanent marker that reminds me that I shouldn't insult people. Works pretty good XD