I Feel Like A Complete Idiot

I have recently been dreaming of this woman I am training at work. I became so overwhelmed yesterday that I actually told her about it because she asked me why I acting so 'off.' We have worked together for many years and now I can't even look her in the eyes. She said she was very flattered and that I should not feel awkward about it. But I can't help it, it was one of open mouth insert foot moments.  
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I applaud you for taking the time to provide a springboard for discussion.<br />
You were younger then. (assuming that time travel is not possible except going forward.)<br />
--So assuming that you are gainfully occupied with work at work why not just resolve that she is a workmate and treat her as such, not the long lost ob<x>ject of your unrequited girl crush. Look her in the eye and press on.

I did to a point ToDaRoof but then I felt good about it because I let my feelings be known, her and I have a great friendship to this day and that is totally cool with me ! It kinda loosened us both up and now we are to speak freely to one another about anything and everything !

S-Jay, It actually didn't feel too awkward because I got a nice smile from her after I said it, but my legs did feel like they were gonna give out for a slight moment !<br />
<br />
Mother, thank you I am trying !

You are not a idiot because you can't flirt. You can learn how.

Lol awe foot in mouth turned out to be a good friendship. I can imagine how that felt right afterwards lol.. forgive me if it made me giggle the thought of u all nervous and stuff. Hehe *ducks shoe*

You are absolutely right reechie, better a friend than nothing ! Thank you, at the time I didn't think it was brave, I thought I was being foolish, lol !<br />
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Nikki, I didn't take it as anything other than what she said, knowing her better now she is a very flirtatious woman but we have remained close friends ! She said if she wasn't going through so much at the time she would totally think about it !

The telling bit to me was her saying she was flattered and not to feel awkward about it; she could have just said she was flattered, BUT...<br />
Hopefully your current relationship will turn out to be the love of your life and end happily ever after; but, if it doesn't...

that was a very brave thing to do. keep it up. u deserve an applaud hehe just hope that she won't keep u in the friend zone. but whatever her decisions will be, u should accept it. be open minded. its better to have her as ur friend than nothing.. :-)

We have since become really good friends,we share alot of what is on our minds, she said if it felt right she would surely experiment and has been asking me some questions that make me think she is getting more comfortable with the idea, I support her no matter her decision but I am in a relationship now so it will surely not be me who she experiments with !! Thank you for your comment !!

she doesn't want to give it a try or is she not available? i love straight women who like to experiment/are bicurious/open-minded, they're so endearing. :)<br />
<br />
but if she's certain about who is she and who she's attracted to, i wouldn't push too hard.

Yes, you were very brave. I’m very happy for you that it all worked out.<br />
I feel that my foot in mouth moments have a lot to do with my raging emotions and a pulse that has shot up to a million miles an hour every time she so much as glances at me…<br />

Glad that you were open about it, I couldn't even do that with my co-worker who I had a crush on.. :)

I see nothing wrong with telling her of your feelings solong as it was not done in an offensive manner. The worst that could happen is that she just brushes you off. Maybe she has underlying feeling for you too, truth be known.

Your interest in another - in what ever way is ALWAYS a high compliment! remember that! Good for you on telling her.

Marie29,<br />
I actually ended up telling her and she was flattered. We are now great friends so I guess it all worked out for the best.

I think it was very nice and honest of you to tell her. But since it's a work enviroment I would be very careful.

why you can't help to feel akward?...well, maybe she knows that you are lesbian and she's just flirting out with you.just go with the flow...

hmm i see.... i have a ready to cook solution for it.... contact me

MissDustyBin I appreciate your comment but there is just one small problem, I am a woman. Now you get why it was a open mouth insert foot moment.

It was very brave of you to tell her this. Maybe you should get to know her more as a friend then perhaps ask her out on a date - women like guys who are confident :)