I Feel Pressured Everyday. I Just Want To Relax

I don't like being pressured. I will do it, when I want to. I am going to just chill for today. Get close with God, you know. Like I feel I have to do something every single day, and it is not like that. I am going to relax, and do something else. I can't take pressure so easily. I don't owe the world anything. It can go on without me. It will go on without me. I know I have to earn a girl like everyone else. And sometimes I don't like these online social groups. I want to make real friends. But I sometimes try to force it, and that is where I get in trouble. I always want to force things. I want to make up for my past mistakes. I just have to understand, everyday, is not going to be my day. It is going to be someone elses day. I have to be strong. I know it is hard not having a girlfriend. But then there are tons and tons of guys that don't have girlfriends. Plus, I don't have anything for her to want to like me anyways. I am overweight, and that needs to be worked on. I need to work on my grades. I just don't like having too much on my plate for one day. I sure wish someone would buy some strawberries, and I get very mad sometimes. Like I would have anger emotions. I would just get very angry for no reason. Always thinking something bad is going to happen each day.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Mar 5, 2010