What makes this really difficult is that he's not just some random guy, he's one of my best friends. He's a great person, and he really likes me. But I don't know what else to say to him short of "i'm just not attracted to you".

How do I make it clear to him without hurting him? I hate feeling like a *****, but I'm just doing my best to not lead him on while at the same time maintaining our friendship. But if he doesn't start to get it soon I'm scared our friendship really will be at jeopardy, because I don't want to continue turning him down.

"What would you do if I said that I wanted to kiss you right now?" - That's where it all started. It didn't really come as a shock though, cause he's made it clear before that he's attracted to me. But for some reason the feeling I got was more of an anxious one than a loving one.

The thing with him is is that he's not just asking me, he's showing me, normally by taking any opportunity he can to push himself up against me or grab me in some way. It didn't bother me too much at first and I'm really not a prude, but as a woman I do get a little bit annoyed when someone thinks they can keep doing that without even asking how I feel about it.

And on top of everything else I can't help thinking about how it was when we first met. He was really into my best friend, and I probably spent the good first 4 months that we knew eachother trying to get them together. In the end she wasn't interested and he moved me.

So all in all it's hard trying to take him seriously because up until about a month ago he was talking to me about how hard he's tripping over my best friend. From talking to her we've found that he's pretty much acting the same way with me that he did with her.

But at the same time there is a tiny part of me that really likes spending time with him, but does it sound horrible to say that I can't picture myself sleeping with him?

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Reading this again makes me feel all nostalgic! Turns out he really did like me, he continued to pursue me in a romantic way, not just physical. We've been together over a year now and we're so in love, it was real then and it's real now :)<br />
<br />
It's funny reading how cautious I was about the whole thing - but I'm glad I hesitated because forcing him away and still ending up together just proves how right it was :)

well just be his friend and tell him your not ready for a commitment