I am the worst person ever for taking compliments. If it's anything from someone saying about my clothes to my face etc. I am no good. I either just smile, laugh, question or deny it or laugh for ages then go 'thanks ha!'
Such a fool. Even in texts i just go 'haha no but thanks'

Like at college last year this girl (who i don't like at all though) was like 'nice top' and i was like 'its a dress' and just smiled.I was like - oops i didn't even say thanks or anything.

Now i'm texting this guy and he said how i have a nice smile and i said i don't like my smile, so he said you don't take compliments good, and i said i know then he listed like 10 things about what he likes and i was like 'aahhh thanks ha!'

Just makes me laugh and cringe.

NO good!
brokenalways brokenalways
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013