True And Frustrating

I am working on this. I don't like that I feel so uncomfortable with compliments. I really thought being here would help and maybe it has a little. But I have this automatic response in my head I can't seem to get rid of.

I will continue to work on being more accepting and sincerely receiving of compliments. I do get frustrated about the things I feel and think when I know that the person is being nice and sincere.
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You do need to learn how to take them because you deserve truckloads of them!

Okay! :P

I have the same problem.

"We are prepared for insults, but compliments leave us baffled." ~ Mason Cooley

Exactly!!!!! : )

Being honest and sincere like you are now will only earn you more respect from others. Don't feel yourself!

Thanks squishy! You are awesome! : )

Compliments make me blush too...go easy on them...LOL

LOLOL...oh squishy, Im sure you can handle them just fine. Hugs : )

So can you then?...;-)

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There's a good line from a Tragically Hip song that goes, "maybe,a prostitute could teach you how to take a compliment". I don't quite get it,but I do,you know?

I have always had trouble accepting compliments.but my father in-law once told me that if someone compliments you,the best response is...."thank you". If you deny that you deserve the compliment,you stand to hurt the person's feelings who gave it to you in the first place,because you're sending the message that they are wrong,and don't know what they are talking about,but if you accept it to readitly and say something like,"I know I am",you come across as boastful."Thank you" says it all. I think so anyway.

You are right!

Thank you :)