When men compliment my appearance I feel uncomfortable. It makes me paranoid and distrusting if their intentions. When women compliment my appearance I feel okay about it. I prefer compliments not about my appearance.
Recently my coworker told me "you look very pretty today." Usually when he compliments my appearance I ruin it. This time I said thank you because it ended his attention quicker. Just say "thank you" and move on.
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You are attractive. Deal with it! LOL

Here is my slugged til : if you like the compliment then smile a little smile and say thank you. If you think it's cheesy and/or a man is just coming onto you ignore it and walk away

Just say thank you.. You are right. It shows you confidence by accepting that you are really pretty. Believing that you are an amazing person starts in you.

I'm pretty bad at giving compliments, but definitely worse at receiving them. I don't know how to just say "Thanks" or express any sort of appreciation and move on. Mostly I just think people are blowing smoke, especially when they compliment my looks. I guess it's a trust issue. Or something. I'm trying to curb it though.

I get the same way n think the same thing with guys n especially their intentions!

Really? I realize my paranoia can be outrageous at times but I feel comforted by your share in the suspicion. 😉

Yes! Me too I've never shared that with people cause i was afraid they would just say I'm being weird n paranoid but it definitely is good to know you're not alone!

Yes it is. I understand what you are saying about other people's reactions. I used to worry that it would come across as being conceited if I were to say aloud my apprehension toward men's attentions. Now I am just happy when I'm wrong. Haha

Me to! Lol well that's good! I haven't been able to get there yet cuz no matter what I still kind of have the thought in the back of my mind that they only have certain intentions

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